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Automatic Tagging

phillipwebb95 3 года назад обновлен Roman Skan 2 года назад 4

Several scenarios,

- Automatically tag new deals if they contain certain information.

-Select many deals based on a filter and assign a tag to them all in one go.

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Hey! How exactly do you want to tag new deals? 

There is no such feature now, but could you clarify how do you want to automate it? 

In a similar way to an email rule, so if a new deal is generated from my form and one of the fields contains a certain word such as 'Virtual Reality' or 'VR' then add the tag that I've created called 'VR'.

Here's an example of how it works in Zoho Mail when a new email arrives.

We'll plan this feature. Thanks for suggestion. 

Было бы здорово сделать автоназначение тегов хотяб на определенную форму. 

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